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DKU CRS Knowledge Space is a center of excellence in knowledge management for the production, collection and sharing of information at the internal, national, and international level. The 4 pillars of the CRS

Knowledge Space for effective knowledge operations consist of systematically:

  1. identifying and capturing the CRS experiences and lessons and external valuable content
  2. packaging them into knowledge and learning products,
  3. sharing them within and outside the CRS
  4. monitoring and evaluating these efforts.

The goal is to encourage and to promote the process of learning and grasping knowledge, to provide academia and students, government officials, civil society, and other interested parties with an authentic information, including CRS knowledge base (Central Journal of Water Research, Central Asian Jjurnal of Sustainability and Climate Research, CRS Working papers series, Silk Road of Knowledge conference Policy briefs, CRS study materials, etc), official documents and publications, technical and academic resources from the region and other parts of the world, etc.

Knowledge space sees knowledge as an important currency and values its operational experiences as opportunities for learning. It

focuses on how knowledge can flow more effectively between involved parties that have critical knowledge to share or receive.

Knowledge space represents an online database with a simple layout that carries a wealth of information. Articles, guides, etc are intelligently segmented into categories so users can find a solution quickly, and a search bar provides a means to type in queries directly (resource -> theme -> resource type -> region -> year).

DKU CSR Knowledge space key points:

Learn: browsing our handpicked resources and tools, pulled together by practitioners and professionals from the region and all over the world.

Study: Resources, Learning opportunities

Explore: Empirical case studies matching what you want to do with practical solutions.

Discover: Case studies

Connect: Connect with the network and communities of professionals, innovators, practitioners, and policy makers

Engage in: Communities

Discussions and opportunities: apply targeted approaches appropriate for each level—internal, domestic, and international.

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