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Topic: Green business

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  • Local Water Management in Tajikistan: Legal Framework

    Year: 2017

    Collections: Scientific Publications

    Topics: Climate, Sustainable Development, Green business

    Authors: Kabilov Firdavs

    Countries: Tajikistan

    Source: Central Asian Journal of Water Research

    A new strategy for merging the environmental and commerce challenges of the Caspian

    Year: 2023

    Collections: Research Paper

    Topics: Water, Green business

    Authors: Hutson N., Taganova J.

    Countries: Kazakhstan

    Source: Central Asian Journal of Water Research

    Recent geopolitical events have thrust the Caspian region into a time of unparalleled opportunity. Specifically, the Middle Corridor (“MC”) has been presented as a potential savior for trans-Eurasian commerce. At the same time, its success relies on a sea that is in an ecologically precarious state.

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