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Topic: Transportation and logistics

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  • Evaluation of transport corridor effects on sustainability: Kazakhstan case study

    Year: 2022

    Collections: Scientific Publications

    Topics: Sustainable Development, Transportation and logistics

    Authors: Taisarinova A.

    Countries: Kazakhstan

    Source: Central Asian Journal of Sustainability and Climate Research

    This research aimed to identify the implementation level of Task 9.1 (Sustainable Development Goal 9) in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The literature review under this study also allowed assessing the degree to which the transport corridors impact the sustainable development of the Central Asian Region. In addition, 97 companies were surveyed and 51 extended interviews were conducted as part of the CILT Central Asia Project to assess the effects of transport corridors on businesses. The study has revealed significant gaps in the SDG9 data collection system, specifically, the need to integrate indicators on the impacts of building new infrastructure in the information collection system for SDG9 evaluation.

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