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The article reviews the issues of forming fish populations and studying the current state of commercial fish species in the delta lakes of the Syrdarya River for subsequent effective development of fish farming. In 2020, research works were carried out on lakes Akbilek, Tushchy, Shomishkol, Karakol and Akshatau-Sorgak of Aral District of Kyzylorda Region. At each of them, local ichthyofauna were identified and studied by way of experimental catches. Subsequently, the ichthyologic material was selected, processed and underwent biological analyses. The research also included the determination of physical and geographical parameters of target lakes, as well as evaluation of their chemical water composition. Experimental and control fish catches were carried out using fixed nets with 18-60 mm cells. For biological analysis, 239 fish were selected, including: snakehead (1 sample), wild carp (3 samples), crucian carp (9 samples), roach (102 samples), pike perch (25 samples), pike (26 samples), bass (35 samples), rudd (19 samples), sabre carp (1 sample), bream (11 samples), and asp (11 samples). The suitability of target lakes for further fish husbandry use was determined based on research findings and available literature and archival data.

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